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General Principles regarding Abstract Submission

  • Online submission is the only way for abstract submission. Another ways for abstract submission such as via e-mail or post is not acceptable.
  • All abstract submitters will be informed with a notification that their abstracts and full texts are received.
  • The abstracts and full texts will be evaluated by at least two scientific referees.
  • Scientific Committee of the Congress will decide on the appropriateness, acceptability and form of presentation of the abstract at the Congress.
  • Acceptance of the abstracts will be done by “referee evaluation” (at least 2 referees).
  • A participant can send no more than 2 (two) papers.
Acceptance of the abstracts will be done by “referee evaluation” (at least 2 referees)
In order for the abstracts to be accepted, it is necessary for the author of the presentation to register in the congress.

Abstract Instructions

  1.  Abstracts must be written in Turkish and English and proper grammar use is a must.
  2.  The abstracts should not exceed 350 words.
  3.  Abstracts can be written in the form of a research, review and case presentation. Research abstract must be structured. Abstract should consist of aim, methods, findings, results and keywords.
  4.  At the end of the abstract, at least 3, at most 5 keywords should be included. Keywords must be written in appropriate quality and standard terminology. Keywords should be chosen from among “Turkish Science Terms”. The authors use information web adress for
Full texts should be submitted from the online abstract system.
Please click for the full text submission instructions click.

Deadline for full text submission is August, 23th, 2019.

Oral Presentation Instructions

  1.  Oral presentations are prepared in Turkish / English.
  2.  Oral presentations will be maximum 5 minutes.
  3.  Oral presentations should be copied to the computer in the control room at least 2 hours before the presentation.

Poster Presentation Instructions

  1.  When participants are informed that their abstracts are accepted as a poster presentation, they will make an application to present their posters in a given time by the organizers of the congress.
  2.  Posters should be readable from 2 meters and prepared with an attractive design focusing on graphics and figures if possible.
  3.  The posters should be prepared in vertical dimensions and in 70cm X 90cm
  4.  Title of the poster should be written in capitals.
  5.  The next line should include authors, positions, the institutions that they are working at.
  6.  If the posters are research articles, the text should include Aim/Methods/Findings/Results.
  7.  Inclusion of the references is a must.
  8.  Organizers of the congress will provide help in terms of the placement of the posters.